About Me (Professionally)

I work on a lot of projects at a time. I am currently focusing on New Product Development (NPD) via my company, HATCHideas. Through my company I research the possibility of new products and services or I am conducting due diligence regarding a new subject matter. HATCHideas was once a service of my previous company SHOREtech Systems, which I closed when I relocated to Frederick, Maryland. I provide services such as business transformation, product or service naming through the Dictioneer service at HATCHideas, and product and/or service creation based on a holistic analysis of a company that hires me.

I have researched and written papers on topics such as Virtual Reality Phobia Treatment, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology, Accelerated Learning using Technology and a theory involving using Mitochondria to power Nanomachines. Nothing published however. I have designed and directed the creation of software as project manager, launching the first free national Internet access service, which is now closed. I am building ohmTown, and 200+ other online properties, offline products and services that blur the line. I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Frederick Community College where I teach Introduction to Computers and Information Processing. There, I concentrate on binding the technology we use to concepts, applications and business processes so that students see first hand that their efforts in class lead directly to either starting a business or being an integral part of a business.

Current Projects

HATCHideas – New Product Development services.

ohmTown – A netcast network of over 50 shows in development.

TileSnap™ – A new tiling system used in various products in development.

Invented the Patent Pending – TileSnap System™. The solution utilizes physical connectors that can hold up to 5 pounds of weight per connector. TileSnap consists of tiles that can be removed and do not need thinset or grout. The technology can be used for other products to extend the customization options, a few of the products below are planned for launch:

SnapDoku™, Playtime Puzzles™, Puzzle in a Snap™, FaviconArt™, Constructagon™, Snapgammon™, Boxelle™, 8-Bit Bags™, Tiny Town Maps™, Little Town Maps™, PictoLaughs™, and more to come.

MagneTile™ – A magnetic tiling system in over 10, 000 colors.

Using a unique magnetic backing, we eliminate the cost and time associated with future demolition when you change your style. We eliminate the need for grout, waste, thinset and even the need to cut tile with expensive equipment. For example: When you change your tile colors from Red to Slate, you have to destroy countless tiles in the process and destroy your walls which you have to patch and wait to dry, then thinset and mount tiles and wait, then come back and grout and wait, then clean and wait, then clean again and wait. Then hope that you never change your mind again.

With MagneTile, you can take them off your wall and sell them to someone who also has MagneTile installed. It takes seconds to place a tile and isn’t permanent. Buy more tile to your color or design liking and install in minutes. More forgiving than a thinset installation because if the walls flex or buckle, the magnetic backing simply flexes and reattaches instantly instead of breaking permanently and falling to the floor or on a person. If used in an area that is prone to bending or vibration, MagneTile can withstand the stress without failing. You can take a sheet of MagneTile™ and shake it, and no tiles will fall.

SpectrumTile™ – A tiling system that you can customize further by bending, drilling, shaping the tiles as necessary.

Mechaniverse™ – A series of figures that are posable and can have additional elements added to them, as well as customized by painting, application of modeling clay, and bases. The figures revolving around a universe that has a clockwork/steampunk design aesthetic and is part of the Chronicles of Aeryth.

Web Properties:

These are in live development: STOLENorNOT, BeadBaby, MixWar, Constructagon, DripFlood, 8-Bit Bag, Wrapperz, Roll&Rule, PeaPod Pouch, Incredible Magazine, Halo Hairclip, MonsterTies, GraffitiCards, DeckistRealityHacker, Taboodle, Fudgelicious, and many more.

All domains have projects tied to them. They are now redirected to where more information is available regarding the consultancy, products or services associated with a domain, and retainer options. Those that do not redirect to HATCHideas are directed to their presence at ohmTown or their own holding pages.

Mob ruled curated news. The site aggregates news in a number of sectors and creates forum topics based on the headlines so people can discuss the issues at hand.

Graphics and Marketing News. IconMonster aggregates graphics and marketing related news and promotes those who discuss the issues. Forums are created for the headlines that are aggregated and users are encouraged to go to the aggregated sites to read the articles, then return to rate, review and discuss.

Sports and related news. A new development. One of a number of aggregation related sites. This site focuses on the many sports that exist. Like other aggregators that HATCHideas has created, it creates forums and topics based on the aggregated data.

Reuniting lost goods through social networking.

Political news aggregation.

Everything Incredible, Aggregated together.

Everything I work on is now part of HATCHideas.


I used to write periodically for the Frederick News Post “Citizen Blogger” section called “Tech Talk” which is a volunteer feature. I write about the convergence of business, technology and ethics. I will post links to articles here as time permits. I’m awaiting the return of full functionality of the Citizen Blogger section before adding content. The site went through a redesign and hasn’t fully opened to blogger entries without going through a proxy editor, so I’m waiting until it becomes fully operational again to post more articles.

The Return of Cave Paintings

Patents Filed or Granted:

Method and Apparatus for Preventing Transmission of Unwanted Email


I have designed or redesigned products and services, transformed businesses, named products, services and businesses, modernized business systems and provided consultations regarding business strategy and technology over the span of 20 years either as an employee or as a consultant through my current or previous businesses.

Available for Consulting