I’ve decided to put the blog back up!

I’ve been working in a thousand directions. Still looking for a job, but also working on projects and working on HATCHideas. When I work for other people, I wear a million hats as needed. When I work for myself, I do the same but it’s just the way I operate.

Right now, HATCHideas is still underway. ohmTown.com is being worked on slowly. I’ve got a door wrapper called “Wrapperz” that is patent pending and is essentially a reusable door wrap that covers your front door [or any door] with a fabric skin for holidays or events. I’ll have to post a picture of the 4th of July Wrapperz that was on my front door. I’ve got another Patent Pending product called TileSnap that people love and has spawned an additional 9 products. Those products are SnapDoku, Playtime Puzzles, Puzzle in a Snap, Boxelle, 8-Bit Bags, Constructagon, Snapgammon, and FaviconArt. I’ve got Toddlerton [a t-shirt store from the perspective of a toddler’s brain], and about ohmTown, there are 50 shows planned there. I simply have to dedicate the hours to launch them but I am constantly coming up with more products and services to launch. I need partners who want to run with the products I develop.

There is more to come, but I just wanted to put this blog up and get back to work.

If you need someone to help you work on your business, product or service… get in touch with me. I can help.

James Hatch

I talk about business, technology, and society. I create new products and services. That's the elevator pitch. Deeper than that, I research myriad topics for my consultancy. Academically speaking; I have received a Masters in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation, Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Information Security, a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, a Bachelors in Entrepreneurism and Strategic Management, Associates in Business Administration, and Associates in Sociology. I'm also a Professor and Program Manager of Computer Science and Cybersecurity at the local Community College. Oh... I'm a gamer and streamer when I get a chance.

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