Stockmarketeers – Alpha

Stockmarketeers is a show that discusses business from a holistic perspective of fundamental analysis. By looking at a stock and its business from the top down, we can talk about the business as an entire entity. The basic style of investment is Technical (pure statistical analysis of a stock tickers performance from day to day [or smaller increment]) and Fundamental (where an analyst looks at the entire business from end to end).

James Hatch

I talk about business, technology, and society. I create new products and services. That's the elevator pitch. Deeper than that, I research myriad topics for my consultancy. Academically speaking; I have received a Masters in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation, Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Information Security, a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, a Bachelors in Entrepreneurism and Strategic Management, Associates in Business Administration, and Associates in Sociology. I'm also a Professor and Program Manager of Computer Science and Cybersecurity at the local Community College. Oh... I'm a gamer and streamer when I get a chance.

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