Temporology – Alpha – January 9, 2014

This is just an alpha of the Temporology show which is the study of the science and science-fiction of time and time-travel. I just go over a little bit of what the show is all about. Everything is pretty rough right now, but if you watch it and think it will be fun, be sure to stop by again next week and… we’ll be simulcasting to both Google Hangouts on Air as well as Spreecast because it can do realtime chat without the Google style messaging system.

James Hatch

I talk about business, technology, and society. I create new products and services. That's the elevator pitch. Deeper than that, I research myriad topics for my consultancy. Academically speaking; I have received a Masters in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation, Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Information Security, a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, a Bachelors in Entrepreneurism and Strategic Management, Associates in Business Administration, and Associates in Sociology. I'm also a Professor and Program Manager of Computer Science and Cybersecurity at the local Community College. Oh... I'm a gamer and streamer when I get a chance.

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