Hortonworks Hears a Who Wants to Invest!

Hortonworks, a competitor of Cloudera, is in the Hadoop space and just closed a round of $100 million. This comes after Cloudera closed a round of $160 million. This hadoop space is new to me, I am stumbling poorly along it with my new search engine called Konfound.

It’s all about “Big Data”…

If you aren’t familiar with what Hadoop is, and I wasn’t until a few years ago when I wanted to first launch a search engine, it is basically a framework of tools to manipulate large data sets and allows you to span groups of computers to facilitate processing. Cassandra, what I believe is a superior database, is capable of handling hundreds of terabytes of data across hundreds of machines and there is no single point of failure.

I would like to get WordPress to switch to Cassandra and it become the standard for self-hosting solutions as MySQL is so centralized by default that a single hiccup in the system can cause everything to just stop in its tracks. That is my personal, simplistic view of its use.

For the search engine, I am planning to span multiple servers as data develops and processing burdens a single server. Everything is bootstrapped, so things move slow.





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