If you don’t see it, there is a Rift between Oculus and Early Adopters.

Oculus VR basically just sent a txt to early adopters saying “It’s not you, it’s me.”

I hope you weren’t expecting anything more than what you pledged during our Kickstarter.”

I was on Kickstarter when Oculus (VR) Rift hit it, and this new generation of technology consumers drank up the Kool Aid of VR. Coming from an era where VR launched and having done research into using VR for treatment of phobias, there is nothing that consumers will get from a goggle deployed environment. It makes people sick after using it for too long.

I’ve tried VR headsets costing hundreds, and versions costing thousands. It simply is the latest iteration of a technology that simply cannot be overcome until VR takes place in a room, not a headset. At least, in my opinion.

It will be great for personal movies, but no longer than a couple hours maximum, but regular consumers won’t find value in VR because regular consumers don’t want to strap anything to their head.. and hardcore gamers who drool over this spend way too long in front of the screen and the lag and other effects simply can’t be overcome.

I’m not sure why this company was valued at $2B other than leveraging the irrational exuberance found in Facebook IPO stock that is being leveraged. Like AOL [which I’ve always said Facebook is V2.0 of], there is so much momentum in Facebook now that it will take 20 years for it to die, meanwhile Facebook will see what others are doing well and either copy it or snap up the developer a la Oculus VR.

In essence, this is just the latest edition of technology that won’t be adopted, but for some reason, Facebook found this to be worth over $400 million in cash, and $1.6 billion in stock. It seems a bit batty to me.

This is another hint that the current dotcom bubble is valued at billions instead of hundreds of millions and its gravity well is centered on Facebook at this point. The only company that seems to be spending billions of dollars to acquire companies in the tech sector.

James Hatch

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