Changes to several of the sites I’ve launched!

I have a lot of sites. I’ve set them up as news aggregators in niche topics because I have a wide range of interests and I can’t possibly read everything from end to end. That means I scan a lot of headlines and read a lot of articles. With the aggregators, I can get all that information from their sources in real time. I still visit the source site for the full article, I just get the headlines. It is pretty efficient.

The problem has been that I also want to have a discussion, and typically, comments are source sites are… questionable.

So, on all of my aggregation sites, I’ve got forums where topics are made based on the headline. That too, is pretty efficient. The main problem is I have about 15 aggregation sites, and one site…, is a huge site with 50 niche topics in the main tier.

Okay, so I’ve been planning a big change. It is currently underway. Sites involved are,,,, and a few others. The main change is that the forums are getting upgraded and integrated into the group aspects of the site. This pretty much breaks most aspects of the site while it is underway.

Sorry if you stumble across a site and end up here while wondering what is going on. I’m just consolidating a lot of projects and minimizing the time I have to spend making sure the sites are up and running and doing what *I* need them to do while they are open for everyone to utilize them as well.

OH, one more thing… I’m still looking for a job. It’s sorta nuts out there. In about a week, because MagneTile is pretty education heavy, I’m going to take another tack on things. I’ll post here when things have taken a step forward.

Wish me luck, this next thing is a whopper, has nothing to do with my consulting business, nothing to do with the IP element of the business and nothing to do with MagneTile or its many related products. Long story there.

James Hatch

I talk about business, technology, and society. I create new products and services. That's the elevator pitch. Deeper than that, I research myriad topics for my consultancy. Academically speaking; I have received a Masters in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation, Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Information Security, a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, a Bachelors in Entrepreneurism and Strategic Management, Associates in Business Administration, and Associates in Sociology. I'm also a Professor and Program Manager of Computer Science and Cybersecurity at the local Community College. Oh... I'm a gamer and streamer when I get a chance.

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