Mac Mini Mid-2014 ( Rumor )

There is a lot of discussion going around the Internets that there is a new Mac Mini coming soon, very soon based on a posting about the device on the Apple website, but not the store. I just wanted to post what I hope to see, design wise.

Right now, the Mac Mini looks like this:

overview_heroBTW… that image is titled “HERO” by Apple. The Mini is my hero… a reasonably priced, always working, simple device with a secret identity that it now houses 1TB of storage and is linked to two USB3 7-port hubs and 7-port Gigabit hubs for an office network. The things just work. I love them. Anyway, I want them to not take up so much of a horizontal footprint.

I want them to look exactly like the Apple wifi router:


It could be a bit thinner, maybe not as tall.. but tall enough to handle a 512GB SSD module that just slides into place from the bottom and can be expanded without tearing the whole darn thing apart like you have to do with the Mac Mini right now. To swap out storage, you have to shoe-horn yourself around the device and hope that nothing gets detached when you put it back together. Memory [RAM] is easy, but not the HDD. I say SSD because the prices for SSDs for 2014 are dropping like a rock. Speeding up boot times and access times would be amazing for this little device. I’m now editing video for the Toddlerton project on YouTube [and everywhere else] so things can get sluggish.

So, from this point on, it is the standard operating policy. Drip out a bit of technical upgrades like a faster processor, not so much faster ram, it isn’t needed, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for discrete graphics at this price point. $600+ is a good price for a desktop computer. The price will remain the same.


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