Google Play Music All Access becomes YouTube Music Key but Neither Names are Good

I’m not sure what is going on here. Google Play is fine. It evokes both the brand, Google, and the entertainment element with a focus on games… Play. Then gets attached Music, which turns a short message into a story and then All Access gets tacked on just to mess with your head.

Look up the history of Federal Express getting turned into FedEx and how much money was saved in the combining of 15 characters and spaces into 5. Easily branded, easily remembered and it comes with a built in symbolic link to your memory. Look at the Ex and you’ll soon notice it looks like an arrow pointing to the right which evokes forward motion.

So, it is great that Google is getting rid of the essay “Google Play Music All Access” and getting something new. I don’t think that that YouTube Music Key is really it. Perhaps they are trying to riff off of the music concept of “key” but the hard “c” coupled with the hard “K” makes it a hard combination to say and will come out as Musikey. I doubt people will call it Key and will just call it Google Music and THAT is what it should have been called. YouTube is an entirely different platform, a different culture and serves a different audience.

It’ll exist, like AOL… because of momentum. Youtube powers it, Google dollars enable it, popularity drives it. They named it, poorly.

Interestingly enough, I did a check to see if “” wasn’t available and it was registered to Google.

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