Apple Pricing – Review

So, here is how it shook out:

Apple Watch is available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport, priced at $349 (US) and $399 (US); Apple Watch, available from $549 (US) to $1,099 (US); and Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys, with prices starting at $10,000 (US).

So, the Edition hit the $10,000 price tag, but I didn’t account for artificially constrained availability. SOMEONE will pay that price, even though it is going to be obsolete within a year. Just the ability to say “I have one of these limited edition, Apple Watch Edition, editions will make people with means purchase this.

I’m truly amazed that it can command this price. Unless there is a hidden “Reddit Gold” feature that allows the Edition watch to be modular and upgrade everything except the sapphire glass cover, I just don’t see how it can command that price and still be outside of the Apple Distortion Field.

Apple Magic!

So, how did I shake up against reality? Not good, but I’ll also caveat that with the fact that I’m not remotely close to being informed by insiders and *nobody anticipated constrained, artificial, availability. Scarcity not based on resources, but on the “A Diamond is Forever” business model. I guess I’m in need of some Apple KoolAid.

My Claims versus Reality:

($349) $349 for 38mm Sport, it was a given, ($499) $399 for 42mm Sport

($499) $549 for 38mm Watch, to $1049, ($649) $599 for 42mm Watch, up to $1099

($799-$950) $10,000 for Edition, and that is a starting price.*


So, I think you can see that the Sport will be the go to device if you want to stay in the Apple ecosystem because for most people who love Apple, $500+ for a watch is a bit of a stretch. Myself included, I just can’t justify that price for a watch. An electronic one at that.

The Watch is Coming



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