June 14, 2015

Updates to HATCHideas, ohmTown, MagneTile.

I’m now a full time professor at Frederick Community College and the Program Coordinator for Cybersecurity. That means that I’m doing a lot less in terms of product development for the next 70 days, and then after that there will be consistency in terms of what I’m up to.

I’ve done some updates to HATCHideas, changing its theme and pivoting to focus more on Domain sales, dictioneering and internal products. The webcast network at ohmTown is back in development, and I’m looking for hosts to pull into the project. Each week,  hosts will manage a show of their choosing. Much more to come in that respect. MagneTile is a product that was developed last year and is continuing to develop. The theme at has changed and expanded functionality is deployed.

If you have any questions about any project, or have need of HATCHideas services, feel free to get in touch.

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