Election 2020 – Arizona Prediction by County

Arizona is an interesting state, in more ways than just the Election this year. You should visit. Its beautiful to visit if you can’t live there and everyone should see every state in their lifetime. There is a lot of diversity in the states if you look. For my analysis, I tried looking deep into the state data, follow the trends, see where things were and are. In this case, it was difficult to align the state, it has been on the cusp of becoming a blue state since 2016 in various areas, but its foundation of Republican representation is firmly in Maricopa County. That said, the vote and its current voice are at odds making it possible to change to a blue state in 2020. Other analysts may have greater levels of fidelity in their dataset. Mine isn’t even bound firmly to the vote. With that said, the trend currently is blue, but what of Maricopa County? Can it swing the other direction? The entire state provides me with low confidence that it will remain aligned where it was in the 2016 election, and Maricopa County is one of my lowest data point results in terms of providing confidence. So, when you read the chart, that “Confidence” level is my qualification that it will remain where it is. So, check it out:

Arizona CountiesAlignmentConfidence
.Apache County, ArizonaBlueMedium
.Cochise County, ArizonaRedLow
.Coconino County, ArizonaBlueLow
.Gila County, ArizonaRedLow
.Graham County, ArizonaRedLow
.Greenlee County, ArizonaRedLow
.La Paz County, ArizonaRedMedium
.Maricopa County, ArizonaRedLow
.Mohave County, ArizonaRedMedium
.Navajo County, ArizonaRedLow
.Pima County, ArizonaBlueLow
.Pinal County, ArizonaRedLow
.Santa Cruz County, ArizonaBlueMedium
.Yavapai County, ArizonaRedLow
.Yuma County, ArizonaRedLow

More to come…

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