Election 2020 – Connecticut Prediction by County

Here we have Connecticut. Others may be saying that Connecticut is a done deal for Blue, but I am suggesting otherwise. You see, blue has a tenuous hold on Connecticut. The 2016 election shows two counties as being Republican based on its vote, Windham and Litchfield, but those could swing Blue, while others, like Tolland, New London, and Middlesex could swing the other way. If that were to happen, Connecticut could become a Red state. That said, counties like Hartford, Fairfield, and New Haven, will be difficult to swing the other way. Strategically, it would take a miracle and the only miracle that could cause that are either definitively Red versus Blue policies coming down from administrations. Now, I don’t take into consideration those policy changes when I do my analysis. Again, they are VERY basic human datapoints that I use. No historical election data beyond 2016 election data is used, and that is primarily as a fulcrum for understanding the other basic characteristics that are being deployed. I know, I’m being obtuse. With that said, here is Connecticut prediction results:

Connecticut County Alignment Confidence
.Fairfield County, Connecticut Blue Low
.Hartford County, Connecticut Blue Low
.Litchfield County, Connecticut Blue Low
.Middlesex County, Connecticut Blue Low
.New Haven County, Connecticut Blue Low
.New London County, Connecticut Blue Low
.Tolland County, Connecticut Blue Low
.Windham County, Connecticut Blue Low

Like my other posts on this topic, feel free to comment, or contact me regarding the data. Happy to discuss as long as it isn’t about the technique.

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