Election 2020 – Alaska Predictions by County

Much like the 2016 results, 2020 will be hard Republican. The basis for this prediction is simply that Alaska is a bubble of geopolitics. Separated from influence from other states, fiscally isolated as well, and the indigenous population are equally isolated from influencing and being influenced. So, on the spectrum of Red to Blue to Independent, Alaska is difficult to see where they could be influenced ideologically. Instead, my core indicator stands out, but I still won’t disclose what that is. Instead, I’ll simply state that Alaska election results were the most difficult to track down by county because they aren’t presented anywhere near how the other states present them. Perhaps it was my sources for everything else. Anyway, here are my predictions for Alaska. Again, remember that my Confidence is Nation-wide, not within Alaska itself. To put the icing on the cake, Alaska will remain Republican for the foreseeable future in comparison to Democrat control, but a major player in the overall Electorate is a third party that on average took 6% away from the other two candidates, but still wouldn’t have made a difference in 2016. Social issues aren’t impacting Alaskan voters like they are in the contiguous states. This also speaks to my key indicator.

Alaska CountiesAlignmentConfidence
.Aleutians East Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Aleutians West Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Anchorage Municipality, AlaskaRedLow
.Bethel Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Bristol Bay Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Denali Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Dillingham Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Fairbanks North Star Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Haines Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Juneau City and Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Kenai Peninsula Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Kodiak Island Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Kusilvak Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Lake and Peninsula Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AlaskaRedMedium
.Nome Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.North Slope Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Northwest Arctic Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Petersburg Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Sitka City and Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Skagway Municipality, AlaskaRedLow
.Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, AlaskaRedMedium
.Valdez-Cordova Census Area, AlaskaRedLow
.Wrangell City and Borough, AlaskaRedMedium
.Yakutat City and Borough, AlaskaRedLow
.Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AlaskaRedLow

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