In a nutshell: I have an Associates (Business), Bachelors (Strategic Management/Entrepreneurship), MBA (Marketing), MSIT (Information Assurance), and a Masters in Digital Forensics. More specifics below from the latest to the oldest.

Master of Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations
University of Maryland, University College
Granted, Fall 2018

This degree focuses on forensic analysis of digital crime scenes.

Master of Information Technology
Information Security Certificate

Hood College
Granted, May 2012

During my MSIT courses, I researched various topics. I wrote papers on UAV Automated Surveillance of a Combat Theater, developed a solution for using RFID in a mall (along with group of others), and took all the classes required for the MSIT as well as attempted to write a thesis that was converted into a class. It was in preparation for getting into a PhD program. I did research on Personality Profiling, SCADA systems (but could not test the theory) and eventually settled on building a search engine that profiled the user (via attached social networks), the Internet as a whole (by analyzing the overall personality based on each web page), web pages (based on content limited to that page) and then presented an array of results that were not based on popularity but accuracy as well as challenging the preconceived notions of what the user was searching for. It would present data in 8 sectors and was called the Karma Search Engine.

– I took a break for 6 months in 2010 and launched 87 websites –

Master of Business Administration
Marketing Concentration
Hood College
Granted, May 2010

During the MBA program, I did a number of research projects, both individually and as a group. Although most of the projects produced quality products, I want to mention that I wrote a paper on how to turn a print publication into a digital publication while mitigating losses due to the transition from one customer base to the other. The resulting paper predicted what Amazon is doing with its e-reader. Additionally, as my capstone paper, I did a strategic analysis of Apple (AAPL) which directed Apple to move more towards a cloud based system and acquire technology such as LaLa. Later that year, Apple did exactly that.

Bachelor of Science
Business Administration (Major)
Strategic & Entrepreneurial Management (Minor)
University of Maryland University College
Granted, May 2008

Associate of Arts
Frederick Community College

Business Administration (Major)
Granted, August 2006

– In December 2005, I relocated to Frederick, MD from Carlsbad, CA –

I shuttered my bootstrapped startup (SHOREtech Systems) and returned to school full time.

Thanks for reading.