I am now a Full Time Professor at Frederick Community College and no longer the Cyber Pathways Across Maryland (FCC) Program Manager as the grant period ended in September 2018. It is at FCC where I teach Introduction to Information Systems and Technology, as well as, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, along with other classes as needed.

I do outreach and demonstrations from time to time in the domain of Cybersecurity Awareness. I demonstrate various tools and show the pervasiveness of security issues and how it’s fairly easy to mitigate risk, but not necessarily prevent becoming a victim of a cyber related incident.

I’m very focused on how technology impacts society, and thus have built the introductory technology course CIS101 [now CISM101] around the concept of Technological Impact on Society. For instance, I sincerely believe that society is not generally aware of the fact that automation, and the means of automation is going to continue to eliminate jobs.

I’m currently in charge of managing the CIS101 Course (monitoring and supporting fellow instructors, increasing program efficacy, building course layout for fellow instructors, etc). I said above that the FCC CPAM PM. CPAM/TAACCCT is a Federally funded program at FCC that, within the span of one semester went from zero declared students to over 150 and ultimately ended with over 500 students in the channel. Within a matter of a few weeks, we spun up several servers, all services, and management of a cybersecurity lab and a virtual presence. We’ve extended it to several rooms, added 2 additional rooms to the overall department, and built a new purpose built server room. I’m now in my 5th year as a Professor in FCC’s CBT Department.

a bit more…

To make a long story short; After graduating from high-school early, I decided to go to work instead of college. First for other people for a few years, then myself. I started SHOREtech Systems that provides similar services to HATCHideas. I got married and after a few years, we relocated to Maryland. I landed back in school at Hood College because I wanted to complete that part of my life. Now, I’ve completed a lot. I plan on continuing to a PhD.

I also consult.

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I completed the MSIT (May, 2012) program at Hood College with a certificate in Information Security in May, 2012. During the time between MBA and MSIT completion I researched various topics. I wrote papers on “UAV Automated Surveillance of a Combat Theater”, developed a solution using RFID in a mall (along with group of others), and took all the classes required for the MSIT as well as attempted to write a thesis that was converted into a class. It was in preparation for getting into a PhD program but I became a stay-at-father during this time. I did more research on Personality Profiling, SCADA systems (but could not test the theory since at the time Hood didn’t have a SCADA network and I didn’t think a programmatic solution would yield viable results.) and eventually settled on building a search engine that profiled the user, the Internet as a whole and individual web pages. The solution then presented an array of results that were not based on popularity, but accuracy as well as challenging the preconceived notions of what the user was searching for. It would present data in 8 sectors and was called the Karma Search Engine. I’m no stranger to IT though, my first patent pending software solution dates back 12+ years.

I have also completed my MBA (May, 2010) at Hood College with a concentration in Marketing (December 2009). During the MBA program, I did a number of research projects, both individually and as a group. Although most of the projects produced quality products, I want to mention that I wrote a paper on how to turn a print publication into a digital publication while mitigating losses due to the transition from one customer base to the other. The resulting paper predicted what Amazon is doing with its e-reader. Additionally, as my capstone paper, I did a strategic analysis of Apple (AAPL) which directed Apple to move more towards a cloud based system and acquire technology such as LaLa. Later that year, Apple did exactly that. It took me just about 4 years to complete from no degree to MBA. In the process I also completed an Associates in Business and a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management. I returned to Hood College to get a Masters in Information Technology.

In January, 2010, I started an umbrella project called “100 in 1 Year” which was my attempt to launch 100 websites in a year. By September, 2010, I had launched 87 websites which are now part of my startup, HATCHideas. The remaining 13 sites related to products and services that could not be launched without a large infusion of capital and attention that I could not provide and simply didn’t seek out. I knew in January 2011, I would become a father. Like clockwork, Maxwell Emerson Hatch came to us on January 3rd, 2011. Since then he has been a bundle of energy. You can read about his happenings on his own website.

Until November of 2012, I was a stay-at-home dad. I now work on my projects at when not engaged with the family. I am also planning ahead for a PhD/DM or JD. Finally, I am looking for that one career I want for the next 20+ years if consulting doesn’t keep me busy enough. I’m very interested in teaching Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. Perhaps I can do both, the PhD(or)DM(or)JD and teaching.

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Over the years, I have created hundreds of new products and services for employers, myself or others. I launched my own consultancy which I closed when I relocated to Maryland. It was called SHOREtech Systems and I consulted for start-ups in various sectors and stages. This was usually done casually and in very early stages, such as R&D or theory crafting. I continue to stay abreast of business trends, technology advances, and ethics by way of 200+ news feeds, magazines, sites and academia.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve proposed concepts such as using Virtual Reality to treat phobias (which has become a reality more than 15 years after I first proposed the idea), I researched using fMRI technology to act as a polygraph which has also become a reality. I’ve proposed the idea that mitochondria could be used as a power source for nanomachines which has since been written about in research.  I recently noticed a patent application on this topic.

I’m a Jack-Of-All-Trades consultant with deeper concentrations in Business Development, Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Product Development.  I enjoy troubleshooting and brainstorming issues and providing solutions that work.

When asked questions during interviews, the two areas of questions that always come up involves “stress” and “complexity” of work. To answer those questions, I typically say that I do not get stressed about work. It simply doesn’t happen, or at least, I haven’t hit any noticeable threshold.  The complexity question is very subjective, so one person’s body-of-knowledge may not meet my expectation of complex.  I may not know something, but I simply need the room and time to obtain the information which leads me to the big picture. Cosmology, Advanced Physics, and complex mathematics (there is that subjectivity again) may cause me to do research for extended periods to get the picture of what is being presented.

Some things I’ve done prior to returning to school in 2005:

In late 1997, I created the first free internet service in my two-bedroom apartment based on my experience as a user with services like AOL, CompuServe, @Home and others. The service, named PortalPlus, allowed users to log in and receive advertisements. In exchange, they would get free internet access. I was hired by a company to provide technical support and presented the idea to them. They moved me within a few months of hiring to become a project manager and after nearly 5 years, the project stalled. They didn’t like partnerships, nor capitalizing large projects, so the service died while in wide release beta. During this time, I also turned the company around by scanning the environment for competitors, redesigning their in-house product, moving the company online, creating an intranet with end-to-end tracking, customer service, and inventory monitoring.

I was the project manager, not a programmer though so I brought in the programmer I worked with before I was hired. The client we created was a self-healing [meaning that if someone hacked it, we could push a new unmodified client at any time], real-time advertising client that received push ads based on demographics, psychographics and geographics. In other words, we could stream a relevant ad to a customer based on where they went on the net, what they liked [obtained through questionnaires presented in the advertising window], and location [obtained through registration data and Reverse-IP lookup]. We would push text or graphic advertisements with animation or audio, and could insert public service announcements or priority advertisements at any time.

Jump forward a few years and you have my MailAmi, MailGuard and MailFire projects and services. I created a 99.999% effective anti-spam mail server [coded by the same programmer that created PortalPlus] which powered the first Anti-spam mail service which integrated white-, grey-, and black-, lists that were managed by user interfaces both proactively and reactively within the first few bytes of data in the handshaking process when a spammer attempted to communicate with the server. MailAmi was a hit, but no one wanted to pay for it because mail was free through ISP services. I periodically get requests to relaunch MailAmi and the MailGuard application.

MailGuard was our name for the mail server. It powered MailAmi and MailFire. MailFire was an anti-spam mail proxy service; The server allowed companies to have an external point of defense and blocked any direct communication with internal servers. The data was processed through a tunnel, so spammers could never directly interface with corporate servers. While the MailGuard servers were getting hammered by spammers and hackers, the company could continue operations.

During the following years, I provided consulting services to a few start-ups and small businesses. Consulted primarily in terms of which technology to adopt, which marketing efforts to pursue, and developed a few services both before and after the 10 years I’ve framed above. One such business was the “WeekendGreek” project which sought to create a Greek System of fraternities and sororities for the commuter and community college environment. It was basically the first social network, beating Facebook to market by 15 years. I’d still like to bring that to market.

After operating my company for 5 years I relocated to Maryland and started setting down roots. Instead of re-firing the engines of SHOREtech, I shuttered the business and returned to school. You can read about my education here,  my interests here or return to the front page here.

This brings us to the beginning of 2006… the remaining years are happening in real time.

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